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CARPOW: Happy New Year To You

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K4 Jumper Starter
  • K4 Jumper Starter
  • K4 Jumper Starter
  • K4 Jumper Starter
  • K4 Jumper Starter
  • K4 Jumper Starter
  • K4 Jumper Starter
  • K4 Jumper Starter
Item Number K4 Jump Starter
Output For vehicle 12V
Capacity 12000mAh
Peak Current 400A
Dimension 174.5*78*32mm
Carton Size 50X28X26cm

K4 jumper starter

jumper starter to charge mobile phone

jumper starter connect with air compressor

LED illumination of jumper starter

to connect with car battery

1. Turn it off and maintain a certan power in the battery during out of use for a longtime, and remember to charge it at least every three months.
2. The device may heat slighly when you use or charge it, which is normal. 
3. Keep it away from moisture, heat, fire and children.
4. Don't clean it with chemicals such as soap, detergent etc.
5. Stop using it when the battery swells, the liquid leaks or odour emanates.
6. Make sure it will not fall down when using it.
7. Don't throw or burn the wasted device.