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Portable Solar Power Generator

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You Need CARPOW Jump Starter In Winter

Date:2016-06-21 Hits:1547

Possibly you will meet some regular troubles when driving in winter, you have to wait in cold wind if those troubles can’t be fixed immediately, which let you suffer and waste your time. Now we will introduce some good methods to fix the troubles.

1.It is hard to start the car:
Phenomenon: it is hard to start the car after it stays one night in the cold winter, especially for those old cars or second-hand cars.
Method: You’d better wait at least 30 seconds and then try again if the car can’t be started for the first time, continuous starts are not allowed, otherwise the power of car battery will run out easily. Failed start is probably caused by weak battery, so please remember to turn off the CD, air conditioner and lights while you park your car in the winter night to avoid wasting the power.
It will be easier if you have a CARPOW jump starter, just connect the positive clamp to positive terminal of car battery, and connect the negative clamp to negative terminal of car battery, then start your car. Please make sure the power in CARPOW jump starter is more than 50%, you’d better charge it every three month to make it ready for jump starting at any time.

2.Volume of warm air is small from the air conditioner:
Phenomenon: it is very cold in winter and you want to enjoy warm air in your car, but the volume is small even if you adjust the outlet to be maximum.
Method: it is caused by the dirty element of air conditioner which chokes up the ventilation channel, so you’d better check if there is warm air coming out and abnormal sound happening when the air conditioner is running, and change the element if yes.

3.The car trembles while idling
Phenomenon: it is very noisy when starting the car in winter, and the car trembles intensely while idling, even if it is a new car.
Method: warm up the engine 5-10 minutes after the car is started to the reduce mechanical wear. The engine usually performs not well in cold winter, so you’d better warm up it often.

4.It is hard to speed up the car:
Phenomenon: it is hard to speed up after putting petrol in the car
Method: the petrol is probably disqualified, so you’d better select a big and formal petrol station and put petrol in your car in the morning, and select proper petrol as per the car manual.
CARPOW specialize in producing high quality jump starters, we have a lot of experienced car engineers, if you have any questions about the jump starting, you may send us inquiry and describe the details of the trouble, then our engineer will analyze the trouble as per your description and provide some good solutions to you, your honest feedback is always very appreciated.

CARPOW Jump Starter,    21th,June,2016