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Is mini jump starter helpful for car breakdown on the way?

Date:2016-06-06 Hits:1474
Mini jump starter was invented in 2012,entered to market in 2013.Its appearance is similar to power bank,but it can crank up car when car battery is incapable of power to start,while power bank just can charge mobile phones.Is mini jump starter really useful for drivers? Let us talk about this.

Nowadays,more and more families like to travel by self-driving car,it is very common to take many moveable equipment,such as refrigerator,portable fan,laptop,etc.All of these equipments need have electricity to support their working,while there are not having any power source except for car battery,it is inevitable that this car can’t be started by itself because of low power of car battery. What should you do at the moment when you find that your car can’t be started by itself? Maybe you can call your friend to drive his or her car to give you a hand,but it waste time and cost is high.In fact,mini jump starter can easilly solve this problem at the moment if you have one.

car breakdown without mini jump starter

Maybe someone doubt if a small jump starter can crank up a big car, actually,don’t have one to believe this true after their witnessing this reality.
Mini jump starter is also said lithium polymer jump starter,its core material is high-rate lithium battery,its discharge rating can be up to more than 100C,while power bank just have 1C.High discharge rating let mini jump starter have a high instant current to support cranking amps of car. As we know,it need a high cranking amp when to start car engine,The high-rate lithium battery can provide this high cranking amp for car to be started.Therefore,car engine can be started by mini jump starter,which has been verified.
When our car is breakdown on the way,the most problem is that the car can’t be started.To ask vehicle rescue service is more expensive and need wait a long time.In fact,many problems can be solved easily and we can avoid many issues if having one mini jump starter in hand.
vehicle rescue for car breakdown without mini jump starter

This is common phenomenon that car is difficult to be started in cold weather,because cold weather would reduce the power of car battery and freeze exhaust pipe.We would feel anxious when our car can’t be started on the way, your girlfriend maybe angry for you if you can’t start your car in cold weather.
When mini jump starter was invented,inventor considered many factors for car breakdown,so mini jump starter also have LED illumination light,SOS function,to charge laptop,to connect with air compressor to pump tyre,etc.Whenever and Wherever car is in emergency,a mini jump starter in hand is more convenient,we can use it for ourselves when we are in need of it,we also can use it to help others when their car are in need of it.
mini jump starter unit

Actually,mini jump starter is really helpful for car breakdown on the way.You can try to have one if you don’t believe,you will feel amazed that so small figure unit can crank up car.In fact,technology always make us feel amazed.

CARPOW Jump Starter     6th,June,2016