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Dose mini jump starter can crank up big car?

Date:2016-05-26 Hits:898

Many people are amazed at their first sight of mini jump starter to start car.In their memory,it need large power to start car,but mini jump starter,so small is similar to power bank,cant storage enough power.It is no problem to charge mobile phone,but I think it cant be used to start car engine,car is so big,while this jump starter unit is so small,most of drivers said at their first sight of mini jump starter.However,they would feel unbelievable,but know it is true after their witnessing their car being started by small jump starter.

K35 mini jump starter

But why so small size jump starter can crank up big car?,dose it have some mysterious power? Can I use my power bank to start my car engine?

In fact,it is not mysterious that this small jump starter unit can crank up big car,this is the progress of technology. Firstly,mini jump starter dont have any mysterious power,it is because of its battery cells material which is high-rate lithium polymer battery,its discharge rate can reah more than 100CC at maximum,while the discharge rate of power bank is just 1C. So,you cant use your power bank to start your car engine,because power bank dont have so high discharge rate.

Mini jump starter was invented some years ago and it is increasingly popular in market.Presently,it become many drivers necessities.

twist your key to start car engine by mini jump starter

It is very easy to use mini jump starter to start car engine,just need connect jumper clamp with car battery and jump starter unit,then twist your key to crank up your car. Of course,you should choose an appropriate jump starter for your car.You can consult CARPOW jump starter if you dont know how to choose jump starter unit for your car.

Dont doubt if small jump starter can start your big car,because most of dirvers have witnessed this. Nowadays,a lot of distributors or dealers have maked large profits from jump starter,the market is promissing.

The car need a high current to start its engine,after its starting,its current will keep a steady continual current. Mini jump starter can output a high instant current to support car starting because of high-rate lithium polymer battery cells. Besides,there are 3pcs battery cells in series inside to get enough 12 voltage (3pcs*4.2V) for car starting.

Therefore,there is no any doubt that mini jump starter can start big car easily.

CARPOW Jump Starter,   26th,May,2016