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What different between lithium polymer jump starter battery and lead-acid jump starter battery?

Date:2016-05-19 Hits:2388

The batteries used in jump starter range from old-fashioned lead-acid battery to lithium battery. Can you see the difference between the lithium polymer jump starter battery and lead-acid jump starter battery? 

In this article we can help you to compare two different jump starter battery(lithium polymer jump starter and lead-acid jump starter), so that you can konw which one you really need.

Let's look at the following form





Cycle Life

Peak Current





Lead Acid





279 * 279 * 228.6 mm




Lithium polymer







1:Weight and Dimension:  Lead Acid jump starter battery 8.6kg but lithium polymer jump starter battery less than 1kg. So lithium polymer jump starter battery is very convenient to carry. You Can easily be put it anywhere in the car.

2: Discharge: lead acid batteries do not recommend more than 50% depth of discharge. Lithium batteries even can discharged 100% The lithium batteries has strong ability to recover from deep discharging. Within 12 hours after deep discharging, the batteries can be charged to 99% of the rated capacity. We don't have to worry about after 100% discharge capacity loss.

 3:Cycle Life: lithium polymer jump starter battery cycle life 1000 times or more compared to just 400-500 cycles in lead acid jump starter battery. It means lithium polymer batteries Long design service life, double the life of lead acid batteries. After considering this, obviously lithium batteries more cost-effective.

4:Environmental Issues: Lithium polymer batteries are a much cleaner technology and are safer for the environment.  The lithium polymer is a kind of safe and clean energy because it does not emit, lead, mercury and other gases that will make the green-house effects and pollute the air.

Nowadays, the lithium polymer jump starter battery is widely used for it is safe and reliable, small and light, good for environment protection with high power density.

CARPOW Jump Starter      19th,May,2016