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CARPOW’s Plan In 2018

For Jump Starter, we will concentrate on D50, K6 and K30, and make regular stock for those three models. As per sales record, totally 100,000pcs jump starter were sold out, they took up 80%, that’s w...…

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Value of Solar Generator

Hot TV Series <Revolution> tells us such a story: One day power on earth runs off completely, the world falls into a super mess and human being can not survive without power. To strive for surviving,...…

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Green Power Source-Solar Generator

Solar product has been very popular in the past few years and still keeps hot, solar is considered as unlimited green power source, that’s why we try our best to develop more and more products to us...…

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Portable Solar Power Generator

We are definitely sure that solar power generator will be more and more popular, as people prefer to take outdoor activities in their spare time, and clean energy are also the developing trend in most...…

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The Core Technology of Mini Jump Starter-DSLI

Date:2016-05-16 Hits:1371

As a popular emergency tool for self-driving and outdoor exercise, jump starter actually has a long history of development. Before the DSLI technology was born, all the jump starters are made of lead acid batteries, they are big and heavy, usually more than 9kg and can only be used to jump start the vehicle.

DSLI technology has improved the performance of battery, specific capacity, specific power, conversion rate and the cold cranking amps. “From jump starter to DSLI mini jump starter, it is not as easy as writing one more word. It is much smaller and lighter than traditional lead acid battery jump starter, but can also jump start the vehicle, besides it can be also used as power bank to recharge the mobile phone, tablet and even laptop. We may consider such big change as a great innovation.” said by CARPOW engineer.

traditional jump starter and our mini jump starter

Usually people consider than heavier power has a better performance on jump starting, however, mini jump starter made of lithium batteries base on DSLI technology will change that cognition. “DSLI is the core technology to make sure that our 250g K35 jump starter can jump starter a gasoline car up to 3.0L/3000CC.” said by CARPOW engineer

As per the feedback from our customers, K35 can work well in -20C North America and also 50C Uganda. K35 can output 500A cold cranking amps, and DSLI may even detect the status of charging and discharging and provide targeted voltage, current and pulse supply, improve the circuit construction. Based on DSLI, K35 can jump start the car, motorcycle and motorboat, and also charge digital electronics products, that’s why we call it multi-function jump starter power bank.

mini jump starter connect with car battery

Based on micro-control system, K35 jump starter has the function of over current protection, over charge protection and over discharge protection. Besides, DSLI may manage the power in an efficient way to realize 1000 times of charge-discharge cycles. Now K35 is as small and light as a mobile phone and so portable that user may consider it as daily power bank. It has two colors, golden and silver, and finished with smooth aluminum alloy case. Each unit is packaged with a jumper cable, USB cable and multi-language manual together in a fabric bag and then carton box.

K30 mini jump starter

K35 was launched about 1 year ago, at that time our DSLI technology was very mature, so it proved to be one of our most powerful and popular models. Except cars, motorcycles, K35 is also used to jump start the boat, yacht and other water transport vehicles, so people who lives by the sea or is interested in maritime activities prefer the K35 jump starter very much, like Australia, Mexico, USA, Spain, UK, Italy are all now the hot markets. Besides, AS a new product, jump starter appears more and more frequently at the outdoor fairs and boat shows, we believe one day it will become a regular necessary product for outdoor activities, no matter in the land or on the sea. 

CARPOW JUMP STARTER           16th,May,2016