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CARPOW’s Plan In 2018

For Jump Starter, we will concentrate on D50, K6 and K30, and make regular stock for those three models. As per sales record, totally 100,000pcs jump starter were sold out, they took up 80%, that’s w...…

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Value of Solar Generator

Hot TV Series <Revolution> tells us such a story: One day power on earth runs off completely, the world falls into a super mess and human being can not survive without power. To strive for surviving,...…

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Green Power Source-Solar Generator

Solar product has been very popular in the past few years and still keeps hot, solar is considered as unlimited green power source, that’s why we try our best to develop more and more products to us...…

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Portable Solar Power Generator

We are definitely sure that solar power generator will be more and more popular, as people prefer to take outdoor activities in their spare time, and clean energy are also the developing trend in most...…

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The lost unbeknown secret of jump starter history

Date:2016-05-12 Hits:1107

Those who know what is jump starter or bought jump starter maybe don’t know the history of jump starter.

Many people know jump starter just from these 2~3 years,but barely know more about jump starter history.Most of distributors have made profits from jump starter,but they also don’t know more about jump starter history.

In fact,jump starter already have a long history in USA,that’s so said traditional jump starter.

traditional jump starter

Why jump starter appeared in USA market firstly? That need talk about the auto market of USA. Let us briefly talk about auto in USA.

Car amount is very large in US market,and most of families have more than two cars,but luxury cars are not numerous on the way,most of cars are ordinary. Pickup car is very popular in US market,it seems that American don’t regard more oil consumption of car exhaust. With more and more American car production increasingly in USA,many small defect begin to appear.Car breakdown is always happen on the way,the car can’t be started is very common among defectives.Maybe that’s one of reasons that American prefer to purchase Japanese cars.

jump starter for pickup car

American is very sensitive for the market demand,that’s why USA is always the largest economy in the world.Traditional jump starter was invented to meet the large demand in USA.As we know that jump starter is very famous in US market,while most people of other Countries still don’t know what is jump starter.

Lead-acid jump starter is the traditional jump starter,they usually have the high capacity and starting current because of big volume and heavy weight,these traditional jump starter is still hot in current market.

The jump starter that most of people know is the new generation jump starter which was invented several years ago,that’s so-said Lithium polymer jump starter. It is popular increasingly after entering market because of its small size,portable,pocket,easily to carry,etc.

K30 jump starter

After this jump starter being invented,more and more people know what is jump starter and to take up this business. Market have more large demand and most of distributors make large profits. Presently,jump starter has a high competition in market,prices and quality are also unevenness,it is really difficult to distinguish the quality and prices for consumers,but after learning more about jump starter,consumers can distinguish from Brand. Yes, it is correct and easy method to pick out high quality from Brand,because not all of consumers are profession,they don’t have so many equipment and time to test sample.

Jump Starter still have a large promising market even if presently big competition.Although the quality and prices are unevenness at present,the high quality and permanently enterprises of jump starter will be picked out and exist in the long run.The market is developing and demand is very large because of large market of cars in the world.

jump starter for hot search

CARPOW JUMP STARTER         12th,May,2016