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CARPOW’s Plan In 2018

For Jump Starter, we will concentrate on D50, K6 and K30, and make regular stock for those three models. As per sales record, totally 100,000pcs jump starter were sold out, they took up 80%, that’s w...…

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Green Power Source-Solar Generator

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Portable Solar Power Generator

We are definitely sure that solar power generator will be more and more popular, as people prefer to take outdoor activities in their spare time, and clean energy are also the developing trend in most...…

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CARPOW Jump Starter tell you the reason why car is not easy to be started in cold season

Date:2016-05-11 Hits:1098

One day in a cold weather,you get into your car,and insert your key to start car,then you find that your car can’t be started,what’s happen? I think that many of drivers encounter this issue in a cold weather,this is the phenomenon that the car is not easy to be started in cold season.

carpow jump starter to crank up car

Why this phenomenon would happen? CARPOW Jump Starter give you this explanation as below:

1). Car battery is too low incapable of starting your car. The power consumption of car battery is higher in cold season than other seasons,and the capacity of car would decrease under the cold temperature environment,therefore,it will cause the car battery don’t have enough power to start car engine.

carpow jump starter for car battery

1).The flow of engine oil is blocked. The phenomenon is obvious to happen in the cold area,such as Russia,Canada,Norway,Finland,Sweden,Denmark,etc.The viscosity of engine oil would increase and fluidity would decrease under cold circumstance,then the resistance of engine operation would enlarge,which makes car engine be difficult to be cranked up.

2).The car engine also would be difficult to be started if exhaust pipe is freezed or air valve have carbon deposition.The reason that exhaust pipe freezed is because the frequency of car utilization is not often,the moisture that engine work to produce is freezed in some position of exhaust pipe,but short-distance driving can’t melt these freeze,after long time accumulation,it will effect car starting and air exhausted.

carpow jump starter to help air exhaust

In the past,you would feel distressed,don’t know what should you do if above issues happen.Maybe you can ask some of your friends to help you to push your car to start in the past,but now CARPOW Jump Starter tell you that there is very easy to solve this problem. You just need have 1pcs jump starter,then all of problem can be solved.

D50 carpow jump starter

Jump starter is portable,small size,it can start car engine at anytime,anywhere,you can not be worried that your car is difficult to be started.Because everything will be easy after you having one jump starter. Please memorize,just need one set jump starter,it is enough to help you to solve this problem.

-------CARPOW JUMP STARTER          11th,May,2016.