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Portable Solar Power Generator

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Do you know how to choose jump starter for your private car?

Date:2016-05-09 Hits:1587

Jump Starter is a new conception for most of people,but most of dirvers are in need of it.Private cars are very common in our daily life,they appear in every corner of the world.With our upturn living standards,more and more people enjoy their lives by their private cars,such as travel,camping,barbecue,etc.

Jump Starter for travel

Car battery play an important role in our cars,but some times it is inevitable to discharge more power of car battery to make it be incapable of power to start engine.At this time,jump starter is important for the car battery.Jump Starter is an emergency tool kit,it can start car engine at anytime,anywhere.

jump starter for use

But how to choose jump starter for your own private car?

We should know some specification of car jump starter if we want to know how to choose for our car battery.

-- Capacity: Real capacity have relative with its size,size is bigger,capacity is higher. But don’t have any supplier to mark its real capacity when selling jump starter,its real capacity can be estimated by size and heavy.

-- Voltage for vehicle: The voltage of vehicle battery is 12V or 24V, nearly all of voltage of private cars are 12V, so the jump starter should be chose for 12V vehicle battery.

-- Peak Current: It is the highest current that jump starter can supply in a very short moment. Vehicle need a high instant current when to start its engine,it is so-said cranking amp or starting current. We can easily to know cranking amp of car battery from its appearance or its manual.Most of peak current of privates cars are under 500amps.

The Peak Current of jump starter should exceed the cranking amp of car battery,so that it can output enough instant current to start car engine. If the Cranking amp exceed the Peak current of jump starter, the clamp of jump starter may be melted to break because of high current output.Therefore,we need choose proper jump starter for our car.

jump starter for car battery

-- Volume of your private car. Various jump starter can be applicable for different volume of vehicle. Higher capacity jump starter can be used for higher CC.

Usually,above specification can be enough for you to choose an appropriate jump starter for your private car. For example,if your car is 2.5CC, Petrol car, Cranking amp is 200A,then you can choose CARPOW k30 jump starter whose capacity is 6900mAh,peak current is 300A.

to jumpstart car engine

Jump Starter is very useful when you are in emergency,such as breakdown on the way,low capacity of car battery in a cold weather. You should consider the quality of battery cells if you want to hand a high quality jump starter.Battery cells are classified Level-A,Level-B,Level-C, Level-A is the best,Level-C is worse.The price has high different among different Level standard battery cells. If you are more pay attention to quality,you should pay attention to the quality of battery cells. The activity of high-rate lithium polymer battery cells is not easy to control if the quality is not good,which will effect its lifespan and function.

After choosing the appropriate specification for your car and considering the quality of battery cells, you will hand a high quality,appropriate and applicable for your private car.

------- CARPOW JUMP STARTER     5th,September,2016