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Value of Solar Generator

Date:2017-03-22 Hits:1133
Value of Solar Generator

Hot TV Series <Revolution> tells us such a story: One day power on earth runs off completely, the world falls into a super mess and human being can not survive without power. To strive for surviving, a group of strong men work together to overcome big troubles and beat evil forces, finally they find the “Energy Bar” and save the whole world.

Back to reality, there is no super hero and also “Energy Bar” in the real world. However there is a group of people who have the same dream, they work together to create a new industry called “Solar Generator”.

Now global solar generator market is growing step by step, scale and frequency of bidding also goes up very fast. As per report from Mercom Capital, venture capital invested to solar generator companies reaches to 125 millions which are generated from 10 deals. Nexeon wins the biggest single investment 43.3 millions, and Aquion Energy gets the second biggest deal 33 millions.

USA is still the most attractive market for solar generator, and European market also begins to take some action. UK Grid finally decides to auction 200MW project, the result will be available very soon. Besides, Germany and Italy release good policy on solar generator industry. In Asia, South Korea plans to set a 500MW project this year; Japan also plans to do some changes to green power source industry. Australian residential power system will also have new projects.

Talking back to China, China has listed solar generator into the new power source developing plan, it will change people’s lift very much in the future, China government believes it has great potential value. Professional persons always consider solar generator and new power source as twins, it is very necessary to develop solar generator industry which will surely improve the quality of solar generator, especially when new power source is naturally not stable.


Developing solar generator will be also very good to energy-saving and emission-reduction, the key measure of energy-saving and emission-reduction is to improve the efficiency of grid system. In the past we think power grid only contains power generation and supply, but time is ignored, value of time can be realized by solar generator. Why is solar generator necessary to power source? It is helpful to power grid security, the whole system management, optimization of devices, efficiency of the whole power grid.

Besides, power internet is more and more popular, electrochemistry energy storage, heat storage, hydrogen energy storage, electric car and other technology are linked together to realize the power grid, transportation network, gas pipe network and heat/cold air network connecting together.

Obviously, developing solar generator is a very good method to resolve the problem of new power source, save energy and reduce emission. Maybe that’s why more and more new companies enter into this industry, all of them don’t want miss this business opportunity, so please kindly contact with us if you also want to engage in this industry.