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CARPOW’s Plan In 2018

For Jump Starter, we will concentrate on D50, K6 and K30, and make regular stock for those three models. As per sales record, totally 100,000pcs jump starter were sold out, they took up 80%, that’s w...…

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Value of Solar Generator

Hot TV Series <Revolution> tells us such a story: One day power on earth runs off completely, the world falls into a super mess and human being can not survive without power. To strive for surviving,...…

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Green Power Source-Solar Generator

Solar product has been very popular in the past few years and still keeps hot, solar is considered as unlimited green power source, that’s why we try our best to develop more and more products to us...…

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Portable Solar Power Generator

We are definitely sure that solar power generator will be more and more popular, as people prefer to take outdoor activities in their spare time, and clean energy are also the developing trend in most...…

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Mini Jump Starter Can Be A Good Investment

Date:2016-12-23 Hits:1281
Mini Jump Starter Can Be A Good Investment

December is usually called Christmas Season in some western countries, shops always offer attractive discounts and people prefer shopping Christmas gifts and presents in this month. Toys, clothes are traditional popular and necessary options, but recently mini jump starters appear on the shelves of many online and offline stores such as Walmart, Tesco, Amazon etc and finally enter more and more people’s shopping cart.


We may easily conclude based on Amazon’s reviews that mini jump starter can be a good investment. Car owner should be familiar with this product, as sometimes it is difficult to start a car when car battery is out of power, so we also call it battery booster. Mini jump starter is as small and light as mobile phone, it is made of lithium polymer battery which has high energy density, that’s why it is powerful enough to start a car even though many people consider impossible at first sight. In the past people probably call for a rescue company when they failed in starting, rescue man used traditional big and heavy jump starter or replace the battery directly. It was not an economic solution and a lot of time was wasted on waiting. Now you can do it yourself immediately once you have mini jump starter.

As written above mini jump starter is made of lithium polymer battery, so it can be also used as power bank to charge mobile phone and tablet. We add a USB cable with three connectors in the package of each unit, it is applicable for charging all iPhone and Android phones. So mini jump starter is a necessary device for the people who plan to spend his Christmas holiday self-driving traveling, just consider it as standby and emergency power source.

There are many different levels of mini jump starters, some people don’t know how to make a choice when they plan to buy one as Christmas gift. Actually it is very simple to select a proper mini jump starter as per the engine displacement of a car, we may recommend one mini jump starter to you if you tell us the car model. For example, the mini jump starter in the hand of father Christmas in above picture is our K30 which can be used to start a car with gasoline engine up to 3.0 liters, this is the lowest level model that we have, 3.0 liters covers almost 50% cars on the road.

If you are a company who specialize in gifts and presents, we sincerely wish you will consider mini jump starter into your product range, especially when you are making a proposal for auto sale company, we think people who plan to buy a car is very glad to have such gift, and in turn it is helpful for your sales. Each unit comes with a nice gift box, and we may customize it as per your request, because we have a big factory backup with strong production capacity.