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CARPOW’s Plan In 2018

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Green Power Source-Solar Generator

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Portable Solar Power Generator

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Could multi-function jump starter start Toyota pickup car ?

Date:2016-08-29 Hits:1531
Most of people have Pickup car and they want to know whether multi-function jump starter can start their car or not.Firstly,let’s to take Toyota pickup car as example and know about it.
Toyota pickup car is a kinds of Toyota car,it combines limousine and small truck,which is a kinds of truck vehicle as well. Toyota Tundra is a big pickup car which is sold in American market. In fact, It was in 1993 when Toyota company began to enter American Pickup market,but the reality indicated that it didn’t succeed. Toyota company have to come back their design office to redesign their car type because of this fail. After 7 yeas,namely,it was in 2000 when Toyota entered American Pickup market once again.They promoted a new type of pickup car, Tundra.

Toyota Tundra Pickup is a kind of car which is very suitable for long-distance trip. It is very popular by the market of North America because its multi-function features combine SUV characteristic,the capacity of carry cargo and its comfortability of limousine.

Toyota Tundra Pickup Car

Many people are familir with this car,because it is so popular in market. The volume of Toyota is 5.7L diesel car which was published in 2009 and the volume is 4.6L diesel car which was published in 2011. Toyota Tundra is a kinds of diesel car, as jump starter suppliers know,diesel car always have a high cranking current and high volume.To choose an appropriate jump starter is very important. Incorrect to choose may break jump starter unit because of high current output. CARPOW D60 multi-function jump starter is an appropriate choice for this car. The capacity of D60 is 18600mAh,peak current is 600A,it can start petrol car up to 6000CC,diesel car up to 5000CC. CARPOW D60 was designed specially for diesel car,especially for pickup type car. The clamp is specially designed for CARPOW D60 to stand more high instand current.

Toyoto Pickup with D60 Multi-function Jump Starter

For pickup car to design a specail jump starter is important. Most owners of Toyota Tundra are fond of remote trip because this car is very convenient for them to carry their articles. A jump starter can help them when their car can’t be started on the way. At the same time, Jump starter can connect with air compressor to pump tyre,which is very useful for long-distance tour. CARPOW D60 multi-function jump starter was designed according to customer’s feedback to satisfy this market. It is better to choose CARPOW D60 model jump starter for emergency preparation if having a Toyota Tundra car. The jump starter unit might be out of work and the clamp might be broken if to choose a wrong one for the Pickup car. Pickup car need a high instant current to suppot its cranking,a small capacity jump starter don’t have this ability to give this current support. Considering market requirement, CARPOW engineer team designed D60 jump starter and selled very well in market. To design and sell jump starter is not just for profits, to solve problems for market is very important.

CARPOW Jump Starter, 29th,August,2016