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CARPOW’s Plan In 2018

For Jump Starter, we will concentrate on D50, K6 and K30, and make regular stock for those three models. As per sales record, totally 100,000pcs jump starter were sold out, they took up 80%, that’s w...…

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Green Power Source-Solar Generator

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Portable Solar Power Generator

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CARPOW rechargeable jump starter is more suitable for outside trip

Date:2016-08-23 Hits:1060

Presently,CARPOW have produced a new rechargeable jump starter,named as K6 model.This jump starter have enlarged the function of LED illumination which is more helpful in night.Lithium polymer jump starter was invented to start car engine and have SOS for helpful,and it also have LED light illumination.However,the LED illumination of former models is not enough treated as lighting resource in night,it just can be flashlight.Those who go to trip,especially for Tour Pal,always have to organize picnic in night.They are always lack of light source in night. According to customers’ feedback,CARPOW promote this new model,K6 rechargeable jump starter.

K6 rechargeable jump starter

From its appearance,we can see that its enlarging LED light area. Its left has outlet for vehicle,power on/off and hand rope.Its right has magnet which can paste on the surface of any metal material.Considering many users go to trip by self-driving,CARPOW engineer assemble this  magnet into its one side, which can paste on the surface of car to be lighting source.K6 rechargeable jump starter can crank up petrol car up to 4000CC,diesel car up to 2500CC. Most of private car can be started by it,such as Toyato,Honda,Audi,Nissan,etc.Its hand rope can be easily for knapsack,which is very convenient for traveler.

the rope hand of K6 rechargeable jump starter is more convenient for knapsack

The enlarging LED lighting have another benefits for SOS function.When we have emergency happen in a remote forest,the SOS might be ignored if it is weak.The enlarging LED lighting with obvious SOS signal would be attractive,which is more helpful when emergency happen.Car need have jump starter for emergency preparation,traveler need rechargeable jump starter as precaution as well.K6 rechargeable jump starter is different with others model jump starter,those who buy K6 would realize that this model can solve their many problems. For some remote area,the power electricity is always unstable,K6 can be home lighting source when don’t have electricity power. Going to trip of remote area by self-driving car,it is inevitable to encounter the tyre of car broken or not having enough gas. Don’t worried if you have one K6 rechargeable jump starter,because it can connect with air compressor to pump tyre,air compressor can be one of accessories for this emergency tool kit.

the accessories of rechargeable jump starter

Besides,the beautiful tool kit package of this rechargeable jump starter is another attractive point.It can be treated as gift for relatives or friends.When having friends who are fond of travel,this jump starter pack can be gift to them,and they would like this product because they understand it is necessary for them to have one.
CARPOW jump starter manufacturer design and produce this model rechargeable jump starter according to customer’s feedback and their request.With more and more people like to trip,this model jump starter products will be most popular among those who love trip and expedition.

CARPOW Jump Starter, 23th,August,2016