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CARPOW’s Plan In 2018

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Green Power Source-Solar Generator

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Portable Solar Power Generator

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Do you know what type of jump starter can be useful for Wang Baoqiang’s car?

Date:2016-08-17 Hits:1167

Wang Baoqiang is a famous actor and superstar in China.These days,his divorce news are very hot,even covering the current sport news,Olympic Game.Large of people focus on Wang Baoqiang’s divorce and his wife’s scandal.For most of jump starter supplier,what they concern is what type of jump starter can crank up Wang Baoqiang’s car? Should Wang Baoqiang’s car allocate which model jump starter? Nearly all of Wang Baoqiang’s fans know that Wang Baoqiang encountered a car accident.Fortunately,Wang Baoqiang don’t have any hurt from that accident.It was on 30th,April,2013 that the accident happen.At that night,Wang Baoqiang moved to leave film base by Crew’s car,at that moment,a big truck moved toward and crash their car.Wang Baoqiang said that luckily he didn’t get sleepy and avoided immediately,otherwise the consequence would be difficult to imagine.

Wang Baoqiang and his car

In order to know what type of jump starter can allocate for his car,we should know what type of cars that Wang Baoqiang have.
1.Ferrari 458 Italia,this car was showed on Frankfurt’s Fair on 2009,it was used to replace Ferrari F430.Its volume is 4.5L petrol car,max speed is 360Km/h.It is one of luxurious car.CARPOW D50 model jump starter can be allocated for this car.The capacity of CARPOW D50 is 13600mAh,peak current is 500A,it can be applicable for petrol car up to 5000CC,diesel car up to 4000CC.At the same time,D50 have SOS,flashlight function,it is a good allocation for this car.
2.Murcielago LP640,it is the latest model car produced by Italian automaker Lamborghini.This car is 6500CC,max speed is 332Km/h.CARPOW D60 may be allocated for it.The capacity of D60 is 18600mAh,peak current is 600A,it can be applicable for petrol car up to 6000CC,diesel car up to 5000CC.D60 is a good choice for emergency for this car.
3.Gran Turismo,luxurious vehicle,its volume is 4.7L petrol car.CARPOW D50 can be applicable for it.

a jump starter should become allocation for this car

Jump starter is a new product in market,it can crank up car engine,connect with air compressor,have SOS,LED flashlight and power bank function.It is a good allocation for car. Wang Baoqiang have 3 luxurious car and these car were given to his wife,Ma Rong.Maybe Wang Baoqiang still don’t know what is lithium polymer jump starter,he would buy one after his car accident if he knew more about this product.In night,he can use jump starter as LED lighting resource and SOS function.Even if his car was crashed to be not started because of incapable of low car battery power,he still can use jump starter to start it and drive it to repair store.
As jump starter supplier,we don’t concern the result of his divorce,what we concern is to make his luxurious car be more safe.How to produce more intelligent jump starter for car is jump starter manufacturer’s obligation.

CARPOW Jump Starter, 17th,August,2016