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CARPOW’s Plan In 2018

For Jump Starter, we will concentrate on D50, K6 and K30, and make regular stock for those three models. As per sales record, totally 100,000pcs jump starter were sold out, they took up 80%, that’s w...…

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Value of Solar Generator

Hot TV Series <Revolution> tells us such a story: One day power on earth runs off completely, the world falls into a super mess and human being can not survive without power. To strive for surviving,...…

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Green Power Source-Solar Generator

Solar product has been very popular in the past few years and still keeps hot, solar is considered as unlimited green power source, that’s why we try our best to develop more and more products to us...…

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Portable Solar Power Generator

We are definitely sure that solar power generator will be more and more popular, as people prefer to take outdoor activities in their spare time, and clean energy are also the developing trend in most...…

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Jump starter power bank can avoid dangerous at some emergency situation

Date:2016-08-04 Hits:904

A super huge typhoon named as Nida arrived at ShenZhen on 2th,August,2016.There was a rainstorm and big wind after the typhoon.Before yesterday,an Audi car was breakdown on the way,the driver don’t want to leave the car regardless of traffic police’s warning,so the traffic police just wait beside the car until the vehicle rescue to come.In fact,a jump starter power bank can easily avoid this dangerous situation.

don't have jump starter power bank to start this Audi car

The driver like his luxurious car and don’t want to leave his car on the dangerous situation,which is very normal.Most of drivers are fond of their cars,but it was still dangerous if some trees was fallen down by big wind at the moment.It need wait a long time even if traffic police had called vehicle rescue.The had no choice but to wait,because drivers and traffic police didn’t have any equipment to start this car,they didn’t have jump starter power bank to crank up its engine.Fortunately,it didn’t have other dangerous situation to happen during their waiting,and vehicle rescue came timely.Traffic police talked more to the driver and said to him that life is the first importance,the car is luxurious,but anyway he shouldn’t stay inside car at that time,because it was really dangerous if typhoon coming.Jump starter power bank can start car no need calling vehicle rescue,maybe the driver and traffic police don’t know what is jump starter,because this product is still new in market.

a vehicle rescue to drag this car

The dangerous is not only from typhoon,but also from deep water.There was rainstorm after the typhoon and the water may flood this car if the driver still can’t stat it and vehicle rescue was still not coming.As we know,car will have many problem if it was submerged by water.If this Audi car can’t be found by traffic police,the driver would be dangerous.Most of people may think that driver is so stupid,he shouldn’t take risk by himself with car at that time. Yes,it is ture that driver should leave the car when it have dangerous,but to those people who are very fond of their car,it is very reluctant for their to leave their favor car even if taking dangerous risk.

don't have jump starter power bank to crank up this car

Jump starter power bank can provide a high instant current to crank up car and it have LED flashlight and SOS function.Even if the car is breakdown in night,the driver can use SOS or LED flashlight function to get help.At the same time,jump starter power bank can charge mobile phone,drivers don’t need worry about mobile phone incapable of power. We don’t know when the emergency situation would come and we can’t anticipate it.What we should do is to make a good preparation for it.A jump starter power bank is not expensive,its cost is far cheaper than to call a vehicle rescue.Traffice department also should have sense to reduce emergency cost,this jump starter product should become an allocation for every traffic police. This battery jump starter product have helped most of drivers to solve emergney and avoide dangerous.Jump starter distributors and retailer also have high profits on it.CARPOW jump starter,as a jump starter manufacturer,should take responsible to produce and design more jump starter products to meet the market and solve car emergency for drivers.

CARPOW Jump Starter,4th,August,2016